U.S from Afghanistan to AUKUS

U.S from Afghanistan to AUKUS

Is US met its objective in Afghanistan?

  • The U.S. pulled out its troop from Afghanistan in early July and completed on August 31.
  • American President said
  1. “America didn’t go to Afghanistan to nation-build”.
  2. S. met its strategic objectives in Afghanistan — bringing Osama bin Laden to justice and disrupting al-Qaeda’s networks.
  3. The era of military operations to remake other countries is over.

What was the earlier role of Joe Biden?

  • As a Senator, he voted for the 2003 Iraq invasion.
  • He was number 2 in the Obama administration that invaded Libya in 2011.

What was the role of Trump?

  • He was the first American President in decades who did not start a new war.
  • Who imposed trade tariffs on China and reached a withdrawal agreement with the Taliban.
  • He reined in America’s interventionist tendencies and turned the foreign policy focus towards China, his approach was largely transactional.

What was the role of George W. Bush?

  • In 2001, he launched the ‘global war on terror’.
  • Obama continued it and Mr. Trump used it to target the Iranian power in West Asia.

What is the present role of Biden?

  • Now, Mr. Biden is distancing his administration from the liberal internationalism of his predecessors and, in a way, following Donald Trump’s strategic reluctance.
  • Except on climate change, Mr. Biden hasn’t revoked any of Mr. Trump’s key foreign policy decisions. Rather, he appears to be offering a strategic framework based on pragmatic realism to what Mr. Trump began — the geopolitical contest with China.
  • Biden doesn’t believe that it’s the U.S.’s responsibility to defeat terrorism globally.
  • He is re-interpreting the war on terror as a war focused on preventing attacks on the American homeland. This approach would allow the U.S. to retreat from other conflict theatres, and refocus its resources on tackling China’s rise.

What about AUKUS alliance?

  • It is a security alliance.
  • It is launched and consisting of the U.S., the U.K. and Australia.
  • Under the AUKUS deal, announced on September 15, Australia would get nuclear-powered submarines from the U.S. and the U.K. Australia will also host American bombers on its territory and get access to advanced missile technology.

Why this alliance formed right now?

  • The withdrawal from Afghanistan raised credibility questions on America’s power. There were criticisms that the U.S. abandoned its ally in Afghanistan — the Kabul government.
  • In Mr. Biden’s new realist world, supporting the Afghan government or fighting the Taliban endlessly doesn’t serve any national security purpose to America.
  • Tackling China’s rise is vital to America’s interests because an increasingly powerful China could challenge the U.S.’s global pre-eminence.
  • After completing the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Biden administration did not waste any time to announce its most ambitious new alliance — the AUKUS.

How AUKUS differs from Quad?

  • In the the first Quad summit of leaders from India, Australia and Japan, in March had signalled where Mr.Biden focus would be on.
  • Quad, which has been around for some time, hasn’t acquired any security dimension yet.
  • AUKUS, on the other side, is Washington’s most emphatic effort to rebalance to the Indo-Pacific, a move that would harden the belief in Beijing that the U.S. was seeking to contain China.
  • While Mr. Biden ruled out a new Cold War in his UNGA address on September 21, six days after the AUKUS announcement and three days before the first Quad in-person leaders’ summit.
  • It’s not war on terror; nor Russia, America’s traditional foe. It’s going to be China, and that the new great power contest would unfold in the Indo-Pacific.


Source: The Hindu