India achieved one-billion-mark vaccination

India achieved one-billion-mark vaccination

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India’s achievement

  • India created a history, administering of Covid vaccine crossed one billion mark.
  • Our vaccination programme started on Jan 16, we accomplished this 1 billion mark in 9 months.
  • This became possible as India stopped the export of vaccines.
  • This can be achieved even earlier also, but we have delayed, the reason is that we have wasted time in asking States to procure vaccines directly from the two manufacturers at a higher cost to vaccinate the 18-44 age group.

What we have to do?

  • Vaccinating all eligible adults by the year-end.
  • Because, vaccine supply is increasing, pace of the vaccination drive has to be speeded up to meet the objective.
  • Only 31% of eligible adults are fully vaccinated.
  • Why two dose vaccination is necessary, it increases the protection level.

Why India did not take massive universal adult vaccination programme?

  • First, this exercise involving thousands of health-care workers and others.
  • Health-care workers were the first to be eligible to receive the vaccines.
  • Secondly, It became possible only when vaccine manufacturers, the Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech, were able to ensure uninterrupted vaccine availability.
  • The deadly second wave made a huge leap in vaccine uptake.

Let’s we discuss, how China administered vaccine?

  • It administered over 2.2 billion doses. But India achieved 1 billion doses.
  • Even China fully vaccinated over 75% of the eligible population by mid-September.

Who was affected by ban on exporting vaccine?

  • It impacted mostly, low- and middle-income countries.

What steps India has to take now?

  • On October 14, after 6 months halt, India supplied vaccines to four countries.
  • Further supplies will depend on production and demand.
  • It is imperative that we need to produce more vaccine to meet the demand.
  • If we delay in it, will greatly hurt India’s credibility as a reliable vaccine supplier to the global South.