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Born to Rule

Honorable Civil Service Aspirants,
There are some qualities which draw the difference between a common man & an uncommon man. To think about the welfare of everyone falls under an extraordinary quality. The true noble person is the one who thinks of others' happiness even if it is in little matters to our day to day life. The one who thinks of himself alone is considered selfish & will not be valued by the world in the long run. It is the law of nature that as the bigger hearted & noble you are, the more you will keep receiving & as the narrower minded you become, the less you will receive.

Yes, You are a noble person, you have the right to rule and service the needy, impoverished person and poorest of the poor.

To promote equal status in our society, the only IAS Academy in Coimbatore & in India conducts UPSC – Civil Services Examination Classes for these Honorable categories without FEE,
• Widows
• Destitute womens
• Orphans
• Physically challenged persons

“Come and Join with us to Serve Our Nation"