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  • Sunday, 01 August 2021
Pegasus spyware used to ‘snoop’ on journalists

Pegasus spyware used to ‘snoop’ on journalists

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  • Telephone numbers of some 40 Indian journalists figure in a “leaked list of potential targets for surveillance”, and forensic tests were said to have “confirmed that some of them were successfully snooped upon by an unidentified agency using Pegasus software”, The Wire, an independent news website, reported.
  • Indian Ministers, government officials and Opposition leaders also figure in the list of people whose phones may have been compromised by the spyware, The Wire, which conducted the investigation along with international partners, claimed.
  • The leaked telephone numbers included correspondents and writers from the Hindustan Times, The Hindu, India Today, Indian Express and Network18.
  • The spyware Pegasus is apparently sold to governments around the world by NSO group, an Israeli company. It can be used to snoop on phones that run on Android and iOS systems.
  • Seventeen international media groups, including The Guardian and The Washington Post, led the investigation into how Pegasus was used to allegedly extract messages and information from the phones of journalists, politicians and activists.

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