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  • Sunday, 01 August 2021
Independent defence policy

Independent defence policy

GS III - Security challenges and their management in border areas


  • Union Home Minister said the country had an independent defence policy under Prime Minister.
  • Before Mr. Modi became the Prime Minister, India did not have an independent defence policy. It was influenced by, or overlapped with, the foreign policy.
  • India intended to live in harmony with others, but if anyone challenged its sovereignty and threatened its borders, the country would respond in the same language. The government had implemented this policy on the ground.
  • Border safety was at the core of the national security policy, and infiltration, drugs/weapons trafficking and drones as challenges before the BSF.
  • Agencies such as the Defence Research and Development Organisation were working on developing an anti-drone mechanism.
  • Drones were used to trigger explosions inside the Air Force Station in Jammu last month.

New challenges

  • There was a need to develop a long-term strategy for countering the possible use of artificial intelligence and robotic technology from across the border. As suggested by the Prime Minister during the last year’s DGP conference, hackathons (an event at which a large number of people work together developing computer programs, usually over several days) should be organised by paramilitary forces to find indigenous solutions to such challenges with the help of technical experts.
  • Earlier this month, the BSF held one such event in coordination with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

Border fencing

  • Before 2022, all the gaps in border fencing would be plugged. A pilot project of the Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System had been implemented for effective surveillance along the border. A new model was also being developed with certain modifications.
  • Several measures were being taken to prevent the exodus of people from bordering villages. It was vital for border security. The paramilitary forces had been made nodal organisations for the implementation of government projects in those villages.
  • Infrastructure development works were being undertaken to provide basic services to the residents. They should be made aware of their rights.
  • Indian government laid 4,764 km of roads from 2014 to 2020.
  • Funds to the tune of ₹44,000 crore were allocated for road construction.
  • The length of bridges constructed had now doubled. In place of just one tunnel, six had been constructed. The pace of border road resurfacing and associated works along the India-China border had also doubled.


Main Model Question

In the recent year, India's border security under threat due to drone attack, terrorist infiltration, border incursion and territorial disputes. In these circumstance how our government beefed up its security and measures has been taken to meet such challenges. Critically Examine

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